Thursday, December 5 at 7:00 PM EST

Meet The First Beneficiary of "The First Step Act" Matthew Charles

Deicke Auditorium, 5701 Cypress Road, Plantation, FL 33317

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Meet The First Beneficiary of "The First Step Act" Matthew Charles

December 5, 2019
7:00 PM - 8:15 PM
Deicke Auditorium
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Maryann Connors
Grassroots Engagement Director

You are invited to hear an amazing story of clemency when the First Step Act was enacted.  Matthew Charles was acknowledged in President Trump’s remarks at the 2019 State of the Union Address, which he attended as the guest of the first lady, Melania Trump. 

Matthew Charles is the first beneficiary of the First Step Act. In 1996, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for felony drug and firearm violations in Tennessee. He’d served 21 years when the sentencing guidelines changed to address the disparity between crack and powder cocaine sentences.  

In 2016, Matthew filed a petition based on the change in the guidelines. He was released after a federal judge ruled that he should benefit from the 2010 Fair Sentencing Act, a law that reduced sentences for crack-related crimes.  

When: Thursday, December 5, 2019, 7pm - 8:15pm

Where: Deicke Auditorium, 5701 Cypress Road, Rm 2-3 Plantation

Contact: Maryann Connors, 954-218-4714, [email protected]

Refreshments will be served, Seating is limited to the first 100 so please RSVP!

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