#WolfIsWrong Tour: Mifflin Co.


Legal Disclaimer

This is a private, policy focused event dedicated to discussing Americans for Prosperity’s issues. As an express condition of admittance to this event, attendees are required to abide by the following terms: All attendees must register themselves and any guests they may be registering for in their real name, and may be asked to present valid identification to verify the identity of registrant and their guests. No signage will be allowed and no bags larger than a purse will be allowed into the event. No candidate stickers, pins, t-shirts, or other materials may be worn, displayed, or otherwise made visible by members of the audience. By attending this Americans for Prosperity (“AFP”) event, you irrevocably consent and authorize AFP and any and all of its affiliates, agents, successors, assigns, parent and related companies, and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents, and successors, contractors, subcontractors, and assigns to record, film, photograph, or otherwise capture your voice, image, likeness and any other indicia of your identity during this event and to use all or any part of images, video, and audio recordings of you made during the event, including but not limited to, your image, silhouette, other reproductions of your likeness and voice, and your name, occupation and/or other identifying information about you, in any media whatsoever for any purpose whatsoever, and to distribute, use, broadcast, or otherwise disseminate into perpetuity such media for any purpose whatsoever without any prior inspection by, further approval from and any payment to you (hereafter “Works”). AFP shall own all rights to any Works created arising from this event. Such rights include, but are not limited to, the right to produce, publicly perform, transmit, exhibit, publicly display, print, reproduce, televise, broadcast, transfer, modify, distribute, create derivative works of, and otherwise use for any lawful purpose, in whole or in part, in any location throughout the world through any means or medium or format without limitation, any Subject Matter, all without prior inspection or further consent or approval by the undersigned of the finished product(s) or of such use, together with irrevocable, perpetual, worldwide and royalty-free rights, title and interest in and to any and all results and proceeds from any such use. You further agree that you will not record, reproduce, or transmit from the place of performance, in any manner or by any means whatsoever, any portion of, or the entirety of, any AFP event in the absence of the specific written permission of AFP. AFP retains the exclusive copyright to all materials that may be distributed at the event, unless otherwise noted, and all video or audio recordings of all AFP events. I understand that my attendance at this event is expressly conditioned on the acceptance of this provision, and that I will not receive any compensation of any kind whatsoever for my participation in or appearance in any future materials created using the aforementioned Works. If you or your guests are unwilling or unable to comply with the aforementioned terms and conditions, you may be asked to leave the event.

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