Defend the American Dream!

Americans for Prosperity

Somewhere along the way, our government stopped working for us.

Instead of putting Americans’ interests first, too many of our elected officials have cozied up to special interests—putting their own needs ahead of ours. But the American people have spoken and we will no longer tolerate the status quo.

That’s why Americans for Prosperity has created a comprehensive plan for Congress and the White House to get our country back on the right path. Reform America 2017 is a legislative roadmap outlining policy reforms to remove government-constructed barriers that hold Americans back from living their best life possible.

We believe that Americans should have access to affordable health care that puts patients and doctors—not the government—in charge of their health care decisions.

We believe that the government should live within its means—just as our families must do—and stick to budgets that balance and stop reckless spending.

We believe that our country will succeed if we allow innovation and entrepreneurship to flourish—but that can only happen if we reduce the amount of red tape and regulation hindering economic growth and job creation, and create a simpler, fairer tax code to eliminate loopholes that only benefit a few.

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